My name is Björn

I moved from Germany to UK (Bedfordshire) in 2015

I share stories that hopefully inspire people to go ahead on their own path of life, no matter in what situation they are.

*being a non-native English speaker, this blog may have language mistakes. If you find obviously ones, that should be clarified, please, leave me a comment. Many thanks.

Geh voraus means lead the way

Lead your way, so that no one else navigates your life


Empathy Cycling Tour August 2019

01.08.2019 by bike from Great Britain to Germany and back again

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Empathy Cycling Tour

I was on a cycling tour in August 2019

Join me to reflect on the experiences I had and what can be learned from it.

21 days cycling

Approx 850 miles

5 countries

64 people (encounters and conversations)

 Plenty of Experience on and next to the track