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How to change the world – The Transition Town Totnes and the Gandhian Iceberg

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How does one actually change the world? Are you also sometimes pondering on that question? Shortly after considering possible answers, many people get to the conclusion that it is impossible. I believe, that this is simply a wrong assumption as in history, humans always changed the world again and again and, in fact, change is the only constant this world is in. Besides, why would I want to live a life without perspective and hope? So, let’s crack on and make this world the place we want it to be. But how can we change the world for good – and what does ”good” mean after all? That’s a topic Kai Sawyer concerns himself since quite a while and I had the chance to meet him when visiting his workshop The Gandhian Iceberg and the Gift Economy in Totnes.

This article covers my visit of the transition town Totnes and what I learned about the Gandhian Iceberg.

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