The project “Your Little Planet”

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The Idea

What kind of relationship do you have with your neighbours? Do you have a lot to do with each other? Do you take care of each other and also care about environmental and global issues? Education around that subject is the big mission of the small project “Your Little Planet”, which is run by Nicholas Bramke and his wife Kathrin in Berlin.

With a lot of effort, they are currently working for the rescue of wild bees in the Berlin district of Lankwitz. Now you may be wondering what this has to do with the neighbourhood, global issues and each other.

Unusual origin

Well, Your Little Planet has an extraordinary background story. The origin of wild bee rescue is actually Nick’s board game that he developed at a time when he was struggling with depression. The game is called Your Little Planet.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t exist yet, but over time it has developed into a website that has collected a considerable amount of information about social, political and environmental contexts. I was impressed by this unique way of fighting depression.

The initiative Your Little Planet in Berlin

Why it makes sense to support the project

But it didn’t stop there and so the work on this project developed into another project when a considerable number of endangered species of wild bees were found in the district. Without the defence and a lot of effort of Nick and his wife, these bees would probably have become silent victims of human habitat destruction by now.

The work is tough and the actual project Your Little Planet has been neglected for a long time due to the intensive work. Meanwhile, the work pays off more and more, and the two-person company becomes more and more a neighbourhood project, even with information tours.

While I’m pedalling to get more support for them, I ask you to visit the Your Little Planet website to get an idea of it.

If you find the project exciting, please participate with an amount that works for you.

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