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A journey without a direction and a goal could be difficult, particularly if more people are involved. That’s the case on my empathy journey, and that’s why, with all my longing for flexibility, I give you an overview of the destinations, of the dates and more details about the route of the round trip.

The Route

First decisions made. Although I will be cycling from the village I live in, the official starting point will be Cambridge, just to
make it sound a little more interesting 😊

Cambridge is a bike-affine city and has beautiful places, which will surely offer a few opportunities to shoot some nice photos. But I’m also sure that I can find something interesting that has to do with empathy. From there I’m heading towards
Harwich to the ferry to cross the canal and then passes Rotterdam.

As an intermediate destination, it is certain that I will make a stop in Amsterdam, despite the detour. I want to get personal impressions of the bicycle metropolis and check what it has to offer.

After that, I’m heading to Germany and stay for a couple of days in Düsseldorf. Düsseldorf is the final destination before I turn. Düsseldorf has turned out to be a suitable destination because there are wonderful projects in that I associate with empathy. I want to introduce and visit some of them.

On the way back I cycle through Belgium, past Antwerp and Bruges and through the north of France to Calais, to cross the channel with the ferry. Back in the UK, I head from Dover towards London, where I will officially finish the round trip before I get back home.

I announce further intermediate destinations, even with the possibility to join me on parts of the route. Write to me if you would like to accompany me.

Travel Duration

It would be nice if I would meet and cycle together with someone for parts of the tour. Are you interested?
Here is the key data:

  • 1st August:
    Start in Cambridge
  • 9-11 August:
  • August 20th:
    finish in London, review, results, preview, what to do next, what I took with
    me on the trip and what I will do afterwards

Searching For Interesting Places And People

So, that’s the rough plan now. It’s time now to explore people and projects along the way. To give you a better idea of what I’m looking for and what I want to achieve, I’ll give you a closer look at empathy in the next article.

Do you think that will be an interesting tour? Let me know.

Live life meaningfully,


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